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Creative Burst book

Now available, this concise case study introduces a practical method for UX design teams to drive innovation product strategy from within their organizations.

Despite the limitations many User Experience teams face—budget and time constraints, lack of formal authority—UX practitioners are uniquely poised to provide strategic value to product organizations. Still, many UX teams struggle to prove they’re capable of leading strategy, not just following it.

Creative Burst details how one UX team took product strategy into their own hands.

The author, a UX designer with a masters’ degree and two decades of experience making websites and software, shares how her team leveraged focused bursts of creativity to cultivate an environment that embraced innovation.

The program was not a massive success at the outset, but innovation requires iteration, and initial failure is critical to the process. Utilizing continuous improvement methods, the UX team learned to lead product strategy by example.

In this case study, streamlined for the busy UX professional, you will learn:

  • Steps the UX team took to lead product strategy from within the organization
  • Methods to encourage participation and maintain team engagement throughout the innovation program
  • Takeaways of which practices worked well, which didn’t, and how the team determined the difference
  • Key building blocks to design your own successful innovation program and transform good ideas into great product strategy

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Key Highlights

What can you expect to learn from the book?

Is an innovation program right for my UX team?

Is your organization ready for your UX team to do more than simply design according to pre-written requirements someone hands you? Learn some of the key indications you might be ready, and warning signs you might not.

How can a Creative Burst help my team innovate?

Learn what a Creative Burst is and why it should be a keystone part of your UX team-driven innovation program.

How does my UX team build an innovation program?

Discover the 3 building blocks of our successful innovation program—problem identification, solution design, and opportunity visibility—and how you can leverage them to build your own innovation program.

Where might we encounter pitfalls?

Witness the pitfalls we encountered and how we adapted our own innovation program so you can avoid our mistakes and pivot when you make all new mistakes!

About the author: Kristin Morin

I began my professional web career in the early 2000s by dabbling with HTML and ended up calling myself a “web designer” back when no one truly knew what the term meant. After years in web and database development—and a bachelor’s degree in Web Management in Internet Commerce from Johnson and Wales University—I found my true passion in User Experience (UX).

I graduated with a master’s degree in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University, and in 2012 completed my professional transition from web development to UX. After six years working on websites as a user experience architect and content strategist in web agencies, I made the switch to in-house product designer at an enterprise software company: Kronos.

I pride myself on my dedication to lifelong learning, constantly seeking to expose myself to thought leadership to learn to be a better designer than I was yesterday. My professional areas of focus include information visualization, UX writing, content strategy, design strategy, encouraging cross-functional collaboration, and—of course—facilitating creativity and innovation.